D.I.C.E #83 (The Album)

Image of D.I.C.E  #83  (The Album)


The long awaited Debut Album of Daniel Benito Kunz AKA D.I.C.E Produced in the suburbs of Essen City. D.I.C.E are a Supplier of deep Big City Techno of the highest quality. A Two-Digit Number of Collection, at various institutions of the Techno style, Timeless tracks perfect for the Dancefloor or as a late night Soundtrack for driving through the City. People who heard previous D.I.C.E Releases know his quality and his Love for true Techno. Atmospheric, Groovalistc Tracks with several layers of Sounds... deep driving Bass lines, beautiful Synths and smooth but dirty Drum machines.(Audio CD contains 12 Tracks and edited versions of some = 67 minutes ) Essential album!

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